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The Jim Barna Foundation and Reforestation Program was founded by Faye Barna in conjunction with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture and Forestry Division. The purpose of this foundation is to encourage reforestation and environmental responsibility. To insure a solid start for this program, Jim & Faye Barna donated the first installment of $10,000.00 to the Foundation.

Jim Barna's Role in this Partnership
Jim Barna plays an integral role in the reforestation of our land. In fact, The Jim Barna Foundation was formed for the purpose of funding the following programs which encourage reforestation and environmental responsibility.

  • The Shortleaf Pine Reforestation Incentive Program.
    A learning center in association with the Tennessee Master Logger Program.
  • A learning center to educate "landowners" on the importance of taking responsibility for the forest lands they control.
  • An interactive learning center that introduces forestry in all area school districts.

Conservation is "the wise use of the earth and its resources for the lasting good of humans."
If we use the forest wisely, it will always supply plenty of clean water, wood products, wildlife, wild plants, beauty and outdoor recreation. That's because the forest is a renewable resource. Unlike minerals, coal, and oil, the forest replaces its wood, animals, and clean water as we use them. We have already seen that we can actually improve the forest as we use it if we do the right things.

Forests and the Ecological System
If its done correctly, timber harvesting can improve forest beauty and productivity. Clearcutting allows for the regeneration of tree species that cannot grow under the shade of other trees, such as oak, ash, yellow poplar and walnut. The process can also add variety, sunlight, views and strands of tall straight trees to the forest landscape.

Clearings from timber harvesting make the forest a better habitat for wildlife. In fact, many animals thrive in clearings because full sunlight produces nutritious food near the ground and lush growth provides cover for small animals.

Clean water is another forest product. An average of 50 inches of rain falls on Tennessee's 13 million acres of forest. This gives Tennessee plenty of clean, fresh water, a commodity which is scarce in many parts of the nation.

Most foresters and wildlife biologists recognize clearcutting as a practice that works for both timber and wildlife. It is unfortunate that such a beneficial practice has received so much negative criticism, because Tennessee's forests have an amazing abitlity to regenerate naturally under such a system. A renewed understanding of the need for clearcutting by forest landowners and the public can result in better timber and more wildlife for everyone.

Waste Not, Want Not.
Jim Barna has continually made environmental responsibility a priority. Every piece of raw timber that is brought into our manufacturing facility is utilized in its entirety - from the bark that is sent off to the pulp mill to the saw dust that is used to fuel our boilers. We encourage people to visit our manufacturing facility and attend the mini-seminars that are held on a regular basis.

Today's Forest in Tennessee
Today, Tennessee has almost a million more acres of forest than it did in 1950. At the present time, the total amount of forestland is not changing. Tennessee's forests are now growing three times as much wood as is being harvested. Forests cover 13 million acres, or about half of Tennessee. More kinds of trees grow in the Appalachian forest of East Tennessee and neighboring states than in any other forest in the temperate zones. Only the tropical rain forests are more diverse.

The JIM BARNA Foundation Mission Statement

Our vision is not to change the world, but simply improve our corner of it. We therefore are determined to concentrate our efforts on improving the health and welfare of our forest resources.

Wood is the most coveted and widely used product to build our homes. Nothing can replace its natural beauty, strength, and warmth. It is fortunate that this natural resource is a renewable product.

With proper forest practices, we can replace what we use and even enhance the supply for future generations.

The Jim Barna Foundation is dedicated to the idea of reforestation, and we are involved directly in fostering its advancement. Through donations from Barna and Company and all who wish to support this program, we can achieve our goals.

The Jim Barna Foundation is dedicated to the idea of reforestation. This is your opportunity to share in the future of our forests. Now you can support this worthwhile cause by becoming a donor of the Jim Barna Foundation.

  • Gold Leaf Donor - $500.00 annual - - Engraved Gold Plaque
  • Silver Leaf Donor - $250.00 annual - Engraved Silver Plaque
  • Bronze Leaf Donor - $125.00 annual - Framed Certificate
  • Green Leaf Donor - any donation accepted - Certificate

(Make your check payable to Jim Barna Foundation)
Jim Barna Log Systems
P.O. Box 4529
Oneida, TN 37841

Guy Huenecke - Administrator
Fax - 1-423-569-5903

Remember... The forest of the future is shaped by the decisions we make today



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